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Balloons 101

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the finest quality balloons.

Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and decompose at the rate of an oak leaf. Our balloon weights are created in house and also biodegradable.

We have a beautiful collection of mylar balloons. Unfortunately, mylar balloons are not biodegradable, but they can be reused or brought back to us to recycle.

Pick Up Instructions

You can pick up your garland days before your event. We preserve your balloons in a bag that will keep them fresh until you’re ready to install. Helium balloons can be picked up 2-3 days before your event.

CAR INSTRUCTIONS: Please empty your trunk and/or back seats to make room for your balloons. Our clients are always surprised how big our balloons are… You’ll need the space;)

STORAGE: Do not store balloons in the garage, laundry room, hot closet, outdoors, etc…

SUMMER NOTE: Balloons will pop in this summer heat. If your car is hot, you’ll want to run your air conditioner for 10-15 minutes until your car is ready for your balloons. Please be prepared to take your balloons home. Keeping your balloons in the car while running errands may ruin your garland. 

Other No’s…

  • hot or sharp objects — watch out for brick and concrete. Run your hand along the brick/concrete to check the temperature and for any possible sharp areas.
  • yanked or being dragged through doorways, car doors, on the ground, through trees/bushes
  • rough handling (pets and kids can be hard on balloons)
  • extreme temperatures
  • wind

Weather Considerations

  • OUTDOOR INSTALLATIONS: Outdoor installs are amazing for photos but come with risks! Balloons do not do well on a hot day in direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, wind, animals, and rough handling. Please keep this in mind. In the heat of the summer, we recommend installing in an area shaded from the sun/wind. For your overall satisfaction, an indoor installation will last the longest.
  • OXIDATION: Balloons will oxidize with exposure to air, creating a matte appearance. This is a very popular request, and if you are interested in this look, we recommend keeping your balloons out of the bag days before your event. In the summer, it happens instantly in the heat. 
  • TEMPERATURE: The temperature will affect your balloons. They expand in the heat and “deflate” in cold temps. The temperature affects mylar balloons the most… they will look a little deflated in cool/cold, but once returned to the warmth, you’ll hear it fill back up to its normal state. In hot temperatures, all balloons can pop. If your balloons are out in the hot sun, we highly recommend moving your balloons to the shade, or for best results, indoors.

how to hang a grab & go

  • Before you do anything… check the surface for anything sharp or slightly pointy. If possible, remove it, or cover it with tape or something soft.
  • Our first choice is to use an existing nail, post, rail, rod, hook, or anything sturdy to which you can tie fishing line. If none exist, choose where you want the garland/arch to begin. Clean surface to remove any dust/dirt. (Alcohol will really clean it, but water works well too.) Dry completely.
  • Click here to watch how to safely remove command hooks without damaging your walls. If you do not know the proper way to remove command hooks, be sure to watch this very quick video.
  • Command hooks are safe for walls, but there may be a few exceptions where we would recommend painters tape first…
    • new paint – within 90 days
    • old, thick paint
    • paper drywall surface
    • or, you just have concerns.
  • Remove the backing on your command hook and press firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. Let it set for a few minutes before attaching your garland.
  • String the fishing line through the hook, and tie 3-4 knots to secure the garland.
  • Do the same with the end. If you purchased an arch kit, put the 2nd hook where you want the garland to arch. With the long, skinny balloon, create a necklace around the closest balloon (on the garland) to the hook. Grab the necklace, and place it around the hook.
  • You are in charge of how the garland should look! Feel free to gently twist the garland as you’re hanging it so the correct side is showing. This is particularly true if you are shaping it into an arch.
  • If you added mini balloons, they are very easy to move around. Just grab and place them where you want them.

Brick/Stone/Wood/Outdoor Surfaces: Command hooks require a clean, smooth surface. They will not attach to a bumpy surface. We recommend reinforcing hooks with duct tape by creating a tic-tac-toe over the hook.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


  • Grab & Go Garlands: Starting at $18/ft
  • Balloon Installations: Starting at $25/ft + delivery & installation fees.
  • Helium Balloons: Standard Latex $4.50, Medium Latex $9, Jumbos starting at $40. Chrome, prints, and confetti additional.
  • Balloon Mosaics: Starting at $275. Sizes include 3ft, 4ft, 5ft + larger custom heights.
  • Balloon Columns: Varies with height and design — From $125 to $350.