The talk of the party! Our custom organic balloon garlands are perfect for any occasion and make an amazing photo backdrop.

OPTION 1: Grab & Go Garland

An affordable way to get all of the fun! Starting at $45.

  • Custom organic garland
  • Two Hooks Included: Easy to hang! (Scroll to bottom for instructions.)
  • Add-Ons: Make it POP with specialty colors, designs, larger, XL & mylar balloons.
  • Click here to order a grab & go garland.

OPTION 2: On-Site Install

Looking for us to create an experience? We’ll create one you won’t forget! Minimum order: $250

  • Custom organic garland
  • Add-Ons: Make it POP with custom double-stuffed colors, prints, XL/mylar balloons, floral, greenery & more.
  • Floral/greenery add-ons are great for weddings, showers & specialty party installs.
  • Click here to reserve your date.

Grab & Go / installation tips

  1. If installing outdoors, check surface for temperature and anything sharp.
  2. Wipe down surface to clean it from dust and dirt, and dry thoroughly.
  3. Take garland out of bag. Look at its shape, and decide how you want it to hang.
  4. Press command hook to surface for several seconds.
  5. There is fishing line on each side of the garland. Tie the fishing line through hook and tie a knot 3-4 times to secure.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 to secure other side of garland.
  7. Balloons may have shifted during transport. Feel free to move the balloons around.
  8. Easy peasy! Enjoy!